We are thankful for the excellent media coverage KidBridge has received these past several months-- helping spread the message of the importance of loving our neighbours!

Click on any of the following links to read or watch news stories and get a deeper glimpse into the programme and activities of KidBridge:

1) CBC News Manitoba, April 2013: Newcomer Moms Compile Book of Letters to Children

2) Winnipeg Free Press, March 2014: Playgroup births bridges, book, film

3) MB Herald: Mothers Make a Difference, March 2014

4) CTV, October 2014:

5) CBC, October 2014:

6) Winnipeg Free Press, October 14, 2014: *FRONT PAGE* :)

7) Global Television, Focus Manitoba October 2014:

8) Documentary:
Letters to Our Children: Stories of Refuge.
To view trailer, click