For KidBridge’s first project in our new North End location, we are facilitating a collaborative art project designed to bring Newcomer mothers together with their First Nations neighbours.

For six weeks this winter, 15-25 mothers from the First Nations, Newcomer, and North End community gathered to share stories about our childhoods, what we learned from our mothers or the person who raised us, and our desires for our children’s character and shared future.

Professional artist Karen Cornelius was present each of these weeks, extracting images from the mothers’ sharing and compiling an exquisite symbol which we subsequently had silkscreened onto 40 tablecloths. Each figure was drawn by a mother involved in the project, and each has a story to tell.

For the past several weeks we have been collectively beading and embroidering two of these tablecloths.
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To kick off this project, on Thanksgiving Monday 2014 KidBridge hosted an intercultural “
First Nations, All Nations Potluck Feast” at the Forks Festival Stage beside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

With our venue confirmed only 6 days prior to the event, several volunteers sprung into action to help make this memorable event possible. It was an exquisitely warm autumn day enjoyed by all.

We are currently planning a
Bread and Bannock Fest for this spring to celebrate our completed tablecloths and the unity and celebration of diversity they represent.

Generous financial support from The Manitoba Arts Council that has made this meaningful project possible.

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Two young KidBridge children hang their leaves on the “Tree of Thankfulness” at the potluck.

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To inquire about being involved with our
First Nations, All Nations: Setting the Table project, or to attend its celebratory Bread and Bannock Fest this spring, email: kidbridgewinnipeg@hotmail.caFNAN Poster